Dairy Brick Repairs That A Flooring Contractor May Advise

Dairy brick tiles are made of silica shale particles that are fired at a high temperature. This type of flooring material is acid resistant and very hardy. Your flooring contractor can help you devise a repair plan that will involve restoring dairy brick surfaces to their original physical state.

The Composition

Dairy brick tiles can be thin and angular, taking up much less surface space than standard bricks. The tiles can also be a similar size to a standard set of bricks. The composition of a series of dairy brick tiles may ultimately reflect upon the maintenance and repair needs of a flooring section. Dairy brick tiles can become cracked. If a series of small tiles are covering a floor, the weight bearing load of each tile may be considerably less than the weight bearing load of thicker and larger dairy brick tile pieces.

A contractor will assess the flooring, to determine if any of the brick tiles have loosened or have incurred other damages. The age of the brick tiles may indicate if the flooring materials are salvageable. An adhesive product can be used to secure dairy brick pieces that aren't cracked. A contractor may advise that mortar or grout that is in between tiles is removed. Afterward, a fresh mortar or grout mixture will be used to fill in the gaps that run along the flooring.

The Resurfacing And Stain Removal Processes

Dairy brick tiles are resilient to many substances. They can, however, become scratched. If sharp items have scraped the surface of a floor, a contractor may recommend that the affected tiles are resurfaced. During the resurfacing project, a drum sander or a hand sander may be used to smooth the top of each dairy brick tile that has been in contact with sharp materials. Afterward, a clear sealant may be used to provide a dairy brick floor with a protective coating.

If dairy brick tiles are located in a room where messy applications take place, the flooring may be noticeably stained. The removal of stains from dairy brick involves using an acid-based cleanser that has been diluted. A flooring contractor will treat all of the bricks that have become stained, during a repair service. If resurfacing and a sealant are used, the stain removal process may not be necessary. While the floor is being resurfaced, oily or greasy substances that have penetrated the brick tiles will be eliminated.

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