What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

A popular type of flooring option used today is luxury vinyl plank and laminate flooring. If you are interested in this flooring option, it will help to know more about its construction and benefits.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring is made out of several layers of material that have been fused together. The underlayment material is made out of foam or cork and acts as a vapor barrier between the flooring material and the surface underneath. The underlayment also helps with evening-out irregularities in the flooring as well. The next layer up is a backing material made out of rigid fiberglass, which provides water resistance.

The core layer makes up the majority of the floorboard, which uses stone plastic or wood composite material. A 3D printed pattern layer is placed on top of the core layer, and it is used to replicate the look of actual wood floors. This patterned layer is protected by a topcoat wear layer, which is a clear urethane-based coating that makes the floor stain and scratch-resistant. The topcoat also provides UV resistance so that the pattern layer doesn't fade. 


One reason that people pick luxury vinyl plank flooring over laminate flooring is that LVP can be embossed. This gives the flooring material some texture that helps it appear more realistic. You'll be able to feel that texture as you walk over it, which makes it feel less like a photo and more like real wood. 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also easy for the typical homeowner to install on their own. It uses a tongue and groove method of attaching the floorboards together so that they form a solid connection once they are set in place. The boards float over the existing flooring, so it does not need to be nailed in place. 

In addition, there is no acclimation process with luxury vinyl plank flooring once you purchase the material. With other materials like vinyl flooring, you actually need to leave the floorboards in the space for several days while it adjusts to the humidity levels. This prevents the floorboards from forming gaps or buckling after the installation. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is not going to change in size, so it can be installed immediately. 

Unsure if luxury vinyl plank flooring is right for your home? Reach out to a flooring contractor for more information about this unique type of flooring material. 

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