Installing New Floors? What To Know About Laminate

If you plan to add new floors to your home, many flooring options may suit your needs. Laminate flooring is one option that may be a good fit for your home. Laminate floors are easy to care for, affordable, and very versatile. Laminate vinyl flooring is also durable and works well in areas with a lot of foot traffic. While laminate flooring may be a good fit for your needs, finding the best fit can still be challenging. Here's what to know about laminate flooring before you start the installation. 

How Much It Will Cost For Your Space

A few things will affect the cost of a laminate flooring installation in your home. The size of your space and the type of laminate flooring you select will factor into your bottom line. Whether you do the installation independently or use a professional also impacts the installation cost. The laminate flooring itself will typically be affordable, especially compared to other flooring materials. Laminate flooring will set you back $0.70 to $2.00 per square foot for the laminate itself, while labor costs range from $0.60 to $4.00 per square foot.

It's Easy To Install

If you are considering laminate vinyl flooring, one benefit is that most varieties offer easy installation. Before committing to laminate floors, make sure you know how the installation works. Some types of laminate flooring are designed to lock together for an easy install. Other laminate flooring options may require adhesive to install. The easy installation offered by laminate flooring makes it do-it-yourself friendly. However, if you go with professional installation, laminate's easy installation process means your floors will be ready quickly. 

Durability Matters

Another thing to consider when putting in laminate flooring is the durability of your new floors. You want to select a laminate flooring product that will hold up in your household. Before choosing laminate flooring, take a look at its Abrasion Criteria or AC rating. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the laminate flooring is. If you require durable laminate, you will want to select floors with AC3 or AC4 ratings.

If you are about to put in new floors and are thinking about laminate, here are three things to know. First, you will want to consider how much laminate floors will cost to install in your home. Second, you should determine if you wish to install laminate yourself or have the professionals do it. Finally, durability matters, so select laminate flooring that will hold up to wear and tear. 

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