3 Signs That Your Hardwood Floors Are In Need Of Refinishing

One of the biggest advantages to hardwood flooring is that these floors can be restored to their original beauty after many years of use through a process known as refinishing. Hardwood floor refinishing allows the damaged top layer of the floor to be sanded away, revealing an undamaged surface. A fresh coat of sealant is then applied, giving the floor its shiny appearance back. Unfortunately, this process can be a bit time consuming and can be on the expensive side. Consequently, you will want to reserve this process for times when it is truly necessary. Thankfully, it is rather easy to know when refinishing is in order by looking out for the following three signs.

#1: Widespread Scratches 

Minor scratches on your hardwood floors really are no big deal and can often be fixed rather easily. However, if your floors have widespread scratching from many years of use, you will not be able to address each of these scratches on a case by case basis. Instead, the most effective way to address this issue is through hardwood floor refinishing services. 

#2: Discoloration

While it is quite common for people to mistake discoloration in their hardwood floors as a sign of age, the fact is that this discoloration is actually a sign of damage. In most cases this damage will be the result of exposure to moisture as the sealant on your wood floors wears away. In some cases this discoloration may also be the result of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This type of damage can take many different forms from flooring that appears gray in color to flooring that appears stained due to color variations throughout the floor's surface. Regardless of what type of discoloration you are dealing with, having your hardwood floors refinished will allow you to restore your floor to its original color while also reversing the damage that caused the discoloration in the first place. 

#3: Splinters

Do you avoid walking barefoot on your hardwood floors in order to prevent splinters from getting in your feet? If so, it is time to refinish your hardwood floors. This is because as the sealant on your floors wears away over the years, the wood below can be damaged. This damage will result in the surface of your floor becoming rough and easily splintered. The only way to correct this issue is to sand away the damaged top layer of your flooring and apply a new sealant. Look into hardwood floor refinishing for more information.

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