Indoor And Outdoor Preparations For A Wood Floor Installation Project

The installation of hardwood flooring will improve the beauty of your living room. Before hardwood flooring specialists arrive at your home to install wooden planks, take measures to prepare an indoor and outdoor work area that will provide adequate dust protection.

Doorway Prep Steps

Designate one doorway that leads to the living room as the one that the installers can use to carry materials in and out of the room. If the living room has more than one doorway leading to it, any secondary doorways that have not been appropriated for the installers to use should be blocked off. Dust will be flying around during the installation project, mainly during the times that the installers are using a drum sander or an edger to treat each wooden plank.

Remove the doors from their hinges and secure plastic covers with zippers over the doorways. Covers may contain an adhesive strip along each edge of the plastic. The adhesive will bond to the framework that surrounds each doorway.

If you want to make access to the living room accommodating, remove the door from the doorway that the flooring crew will be using. Secure a cover to this doorway too. When the crew will be entering or exiting the living room, they can unzip the opening in the plastic to gain access to the other side of the doorway.

Vent Covers And Outdoor Prep Steps

Turn off your heating and cooling unit and cover the vent openings. This will prevent dust from entering your central heating and cooling unit. Plastic sheeting and tape can be used to cover each vent opening.

The installers will likely need to cut wooden planks and take measurements, prior to installing the hardwood flooring pieces. Set up an area outdoors for the crew members to use. A deck or a patio that is within close proximity to a power outlet will supply a level surface for wood to be stacked and for other equipment to be set up. Install a light outdoors, if the area that you have designated does not provide sufficient visibility. If possible, designate a covered area for the workers to use outdoors.

Since it may take multiple days for the flooring to be installed, the crew members may appreciate having somewhere to store the flooring materials. Once the crew arrives, show them where they can prepare the wooden materials and direct them toward the doorway that they will be using when entering or exiting the living room.

For additional information or if you have any questions, contact a wood flooring service such as Assured Quality Woodcraft.

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