3 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing

One of the greatest benefits that hardwood floors have to offer is that you are able to restore the original beauty and functionality of a hardwood floor even if it has suffered significant wear and tear over the years. This is accomplished through the use of floor refinishing. Continue reading to learn three signs that can indicate it is time to refinish the hardwood floors in your home.

Sign #1: Your Floor Has Faded Or Turned Gray In Color

If you are a fan of hardwood flooring, you have probably heard people refer to the faded or gray color of a hardwood floor as patina. In fact, you may even be aware that there are many people who find this aged look to be attractive and purposely seek out this finish. However, what you may not know is that this change in the color of your hardwood floor is more than just a sign of aging. It is actually a sign of damage to your hardwood floors. In order to repair this damage, you will need to have your floors refinished. If you truly enjoy the lighter color, don't worry, you can still keep the coloring you have grown to love. Simply talk to your flooring contractor about different stain options that will give you the same look without all the damage. 

Sign #2: The Scratches On Your Floor Have Become Widespread

Surface scratches are simply a part of life when choosing to install hardwood floors in your home. Thankfully, most minor scratches can be easily buffed out in order to maintain the beauty of your floors. Over time, however, these scratches can become more widespread and ultimately cause your floor to be more susceptible to moisture damage. Consequently, it is always a good idea to have your hardwood floors refinished if the surface scratches cover a large portion of your total floor. 

Sign #3: Your Hardwood Floors Show Signs Of Water Damage

If the seal on your hardwood floor has worn off and has not been replaced, your floors will be far more susceptible to moisture damage. In fact, something as simple as mopping your floors can cause damage if they are not properly sealed. Dark spots, splintering, and curling floorboards can all be signs of water-damaged floors. If your hardwood floors are showing any signs of water damage, it is definitely time to make use of floor refinishing services—such as Matuta Hardwood Flooring LLC—in order to repair this damage and restore the beauty of your hardwoods.

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