Repairing Your Hardwood Flooring

Regardless of the type of flooring that you have, it will eventually need to undergo a series of repairs to be properly maintained. When these needs arise, a hardwood repair contractor can restore your flooring for you. The following are some of the repairs you may end up needing to hire someone to do: 

Plank Replacement

Splitting, cracking, and chipping are serious forms of damage that can penetrate deep into the planks of your flooring. Unfortunately, these issues can extend far enough into the wood to prevent the plank from being effectively repaired. In these situations, replacing the damaged planks is likely to be the most effective and efficient repair solution. Generally, it is only necessary to replace the planks that have directly suffered damage, so you probably won't need to replace the entire floor. An experienced contractor can match the replacement planks with your existing floor to ensure that the repair is as discrete as possible.

Stain Removal and Masking

Stains are another common issue that hardwood floors can experience. Many people assume that there is nothing that can be done for the stains that have marred their flooring. In reality, there are some options for addressing this particular damage. A repair contractor may be able to remove localized surface stains with specialized cleaning chemicals or even minor sanding. Depending on the stain, masking the stain with varnish or other products may also be an option to reduce its cosmetic impact. Masking requires a highly skilled technician for effective completion, and it will not always be a viable option for some types of stains. A hardwood floor repair provider can inspect your staining issue to determine the best option for eliminating it.


Resurfacing hardwood flooring is one of the more drastic repairs that you can undertake. However, it will also provide some of the best results. The resurfacing process completely removes the top layer from the hardwood. This can be a highly effective repair solution for cracks, scratches, and stains. Unfortunately, it can also be a highly disruptive repair as it will require the furniture and other items to be fully cleared from the room, and the room will need to stay empty for several days for the finish to dry. While this can be disruptive, it will allow a person to fully restore the appearance of their flooring without the need to invest in having all new flooring installed.

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