Dust And Wood Floor Refinishing: Questions To Ask Contractors That May Minimize Dust In Your Home

Hardwood floor refinishing is a technique that involves sanding away the outermost layer of your hardwood floors, revealing a new layer of wood that has not yet been exposed to any elements. Refinishing hardwood floors is the ideal way to get rid of surface-level scratches, stains, sun fading, and other imperfections. Hardwood floor refinishing can also be completed if you want to change the color of your existing floor. While there are many benefits associated with wood floor refinishing, one of the downsides is that sanding down your wood floors creates a lot of dust that can be challenging to remove. As such, you should ask contractors questions about minimizing dust prior to hiring a contractor to refinish your wood floors. Here are a few of those questions to ask. 

Do You Use Dustless Sanding Equipment? 

One of the questions to ask when you are looking to hire a contractor to refinish your hardwood floors is whether they use dustless sanding equipment. Dustless sanding equipment works kind of like a vacuum cleaner. The sander sands away the outermost layer of your wood, and as it is sanding, there is a suction feature that sucks up the dust particles that are produced and distributes them into a bag or canister, much like the ones found on vacuums. While dustless sanding equipment does not prevent all dust, it greatly minimizes the amount of dust produced during the sanding process. 

Do You Use Filtration Devices to Minimize Dust? 

Another question to ask a contractor you are thinking about hiring for wood floor refinishing is whether they use any filtration devices to filter out dust. Dustless sanding equipment eliminates a lot of dust, but it does not get rid of dust completely. As such, you may want to find a contractor that utilizes air filtration systems, such as air scrubbers, to remove the dust left behind by dustless sanding equipment. Filtration systems can also help to minimize the smells associated with wood stains and finishing materials.  

Do You Put Up Plastic to Confine Dust to One Space? 

Lastly, be sure to ask a contractor if they enclose a space or room in plastic sheeting before sanding. Plastic sheeting confines any remaining dust produced by the sanding process to only that one space. This prevents dust from going all over your home. 

Hardwood floor refinishing can revive old and worn hardwood floors, making them look nearly new again. Unfortunately, the process can be messy and a lot of dust can be produced when sanding the floors down. Finding a company that uses dustless sanding equipment, filtration devices, and plastic sheeting can help minimize the amount of dust that spreads throughout your house, thus reducing the amount of dust that needs to be cleaned after wood floor refinishing is completed. 

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