Tips For Choosing The Ideal Exterior Tiles For Your Home Renovation

In addition to creating a seamless transition from your home's interior to exterior, the exterior tile found outside your home must also be aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to maintain. If you are renovating your exterior, choosing the right variety of tiles can be tricky.

Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the perfect exterior tiles for your home renovation. 

Create a Budget

No matter what the size and scope, the first step in any renovation process is to create a budget. When it comes to exterior tiles, there are several factors to figure into the budget. The biggest expense is typically the materials, especially if you are choosing natural tiles including marble, travertine, or slate. Other expenses to factor into your budget include grading and preparing the soil and the cost of installation.

It is especially important that if you choose natural stone, you leave this job to the professionals. It takes a special skillset to cut, handle, and lay natural tile.

Choosing the Ideal Thickness

The thickness of the tile is a consideration that many homeowners overlook. In addition to impacting the cost of materials, if you do not choose the ideal thickness, you could break tiles under the weight of outdoor equipment. This is an especially important consideration if you are planning on installing an outdoor kitchen or the exterior tile will also be used to cover your driveway.

Keep Sun Exposure and the Elements in Mind

The amount of sun exposure and the climate in which you live will greatly impact the type of exterior tiles you choose. For example, no matter if you live in an area that is hot and dry or cold and damp, slate is a great option because it is so durable and resistant to the elements. Soapstone is a more cost-effective option for people who live in colder, wetter climates.

If you want a high-end appearance and live in a hotter, dry climate, travertine is a classic choice that will work with almost any home's exterior.

Choosing Tiles to Surround Your Backyard Pool or Hot Tub

Finally, if you have a pool or hot tub, it is critical to choose a tile that will not become as slippery. Travertine is a good option, but the product will need to be milled and sealed, if you want to use it around your pool. For people who want a more budget-friendly option, porcelain is the ideal choice.

If you are upgrading your home's exterior tiles, there are several considerations you need to keep in mind. Reach out to a company like North State Tile Design Center to learn more.

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