2 Benefits Of Having Vinyl Flooring Installed In Your Home's Kitchen

While remodeling your kitchen, you may have come to the portion of the design planning when you need to choose what type of flooring you will have installed. While looking over such options as wood, tile, or vinyl, you need to consider both functionality and design.

If you want flooring that gives you versatility in design to allow you to choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors as well as be low maintenance, vinyl may be your best option. There are a couple of benefits that come with installing residential vinyl flooring in your home's kitchen. 

1. Vinyl's Protective Surface Coating Makes It Waterproof and Easy for You to Clean and Maintain

One benefit of installing vinyl flooring in your kitchen is that it has a protective surface coating. This coating allows the vinyl to be waterproof as well as helps it to resist stains from spills from darkening foods such as grape juice or spaghetti sauce.

If a spill occurs, you can wipe it up, and you can mop the floor using regular cleaners instead of using special ones that are usually required for wood or tile. And, since the flooring already has a protective coating, you do not have to take extra steps to maintain it, such as applying wax or a waterproofing treatment every few months.

2. Vinyl Creates an Extra Top Layer of Insulation for Your Kitchen Floor

Another benefit that comes with having a vinyl floor in your kitchen is that the material has insulating properties. With wood or tile, you would have to have a layer of insulation installed underneath the floor to keep the room energy efficient as well as keep your feet from freezing in the winter when you walk on it.

However, since vinyl adds an extra top layer of insulation to the floor, it can help keep the warm and cool air inside the room when you want it and helps to prevent drafts from coming up from the spaces below the floor. This helps to keep the room more energy efficient.

If you are updating your kitchen floor, consider having vinyl flooring installed over tile or wood. With its protective surface coating, the floor will be waterproof, and it will be easier for you to wipe up spills and mop without having to use special cleaners. You also do not have to take extra maintenance steps to preserve its condition. As an added benefit, the vinyl creates an extra top layer of insulation to make your kitchen more energy efficient. For more information about its benefits, contact a business that offers residential vinyl flooring to speak with a representative.

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