Properly Caring For Hardwood Flooring

If you recently moved into a home with hardwood flooring, you likely want to keep the areas you walk on looking their absolute best. Hardwood floors require a bit of maintenance to ensure they last for a good number of years. Perform these steps to protect the appearance of your floors.

Remove Debris Regularly

When debris settles on a hardwood floor, it gives it a flat appearance rather than a polished one. Debris also moves around as people or pets walk across the flooring. This has the potential to cause scuff marks or scratches on the wood. Take the time to remove debris as much as possible to keep your floors in the best condition. Use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner attachment held slightly above the floor to remove dirt, fur, hair, and dust. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors as the wheels can cause impressions to occur on the boards. Additional debris may also be transferred to new areas of the floor.

Use Protective Tools

If you need to move a piece of furniture from one area of a room with hardwood floors to another, it is best to protect the surface with the use of felt pads. Ask someone to help you lift one side of the furniture and slide pads underneath before setting the piece back down. Lift the other side and repeat the process. This works well for chair and table legs, as well as sharp edges on bookcases, beds, or dressers. Felt pads not only protect your floors but also make the procedure of moving furnishings easier as they will glide across the surface.

Instead of wearing shoes in a room with hardwood floors, opt to take them off and set them on a mat kept near the doorway. If you have a pet, keep their nails or claws trimmed to aid in keeping scratches of hardwood flooring at a minimum.

Polish Floors For A Pristine Appearance

Over time, hardwood floors lose their lustrous appearance. Revitalize the sheen of your flooring with the addition of a polishing agent. Head to a hardware store to purchase one of the floor cleaners they have available. Add a bit of polish to the floor and use a clean piece of cloth to apply it. Use a circular motion when applying the product so all areas of each board receive an equal amount of polish. Remove excess with another piece of clean cloth.

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